Friday, September 18, 2009

A red (er...yellow) flag

Here's a shot from the Tea Party protest in Chicago on April 15th. I've circled some little yellow flags in the crowd.

They are cheap replicas of the "Don't Tread on Me!" flags. There was a woman selling them in the crowd that day. She had no interest in the protest itself. She didn't carry a sign or even pay much attention to what was going on. She was just selling the flags.

As it turns out, people were in the crowd in Washington on 9/12 selling the same flags. It turns out they were from ACORN!

What a perfect way to raise cash and keep an eye on the enemy! It was brilliant. And if you got lucky you could incite a little violence and put a nice stain on the event.

At the very least you could snicker at your accomplishment and maybe even raise some allegations that the crowd was astroturf. "Look at all those people carrying the same yellow flag."

Here's video of them being ridden out of town on a rail. Note that the people involved didn't deny they were ACORN plants. An innocent person would have said, "That's ridiculous, sir. I'm a fellow patriot from Baltimore," and stopped to sort it all out.

I'm thinking those flags aren't likely to be big sellers at future events, at least the little cheap ones.

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