Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What's going on with public opinion?

There is a political consultant by the name of Lionel Sosa. His forte is the Hispanic vote. He did some work for President Bush.

But he says the conservatives have ruined everything. He says the fence at the border is a bad idea. He says that the comprehensive immigration reform a la Bush, Kennedy, and McCain is the answer to the problem.

But Sosa says the political climate right now is a product of hate-mongering by radical conservatives. It has nothing to do with polls about licenses for illegals that have frightened the candidates.

So, he’s busy at work painting the illegal aliens as hard working people who are good for the economy. And he’s telling us to be tolerant and inclusive. And he’s working hard to get people to see illegals and legals as joined at the hip. If you point the finger at one, you must be a racist. That’s it…you hate all Hispanics.

Methinks Mr. Sosa has been spinning for so long he doesn’t know which way is up. But he does know which side his bread is buttered on and is trying to keep a job for himself. The more Hispanic citizens who identify themselves a just plain Americans, the less of a power base he has.

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