Saturday, November 17, 2007

Maybe the Feds aren't stupid after all

When someone uses a fake Social Security number and earnings are withheld, what happens to that money? It winds up in the Earnings Suspense File along with all those records that don’t match the name (like newlyweds who didn’t change their name or the dyslexics who wrote down the wrong number on their job application).

That account grows by about $6 BILLION a year. At the end of 2004, it had $519 BILLION in it!

So you can see why Congress and the President would be slow to fix the illegal alien problem.

So, how many combinations of wrong names, wrong numbers, and fake numbers are in this file? 250 MILLION records!

And this also means that the IRS is withholding taxes as well, taxes that will never be refunded because a return will never be filed. Uncle Sam sees no reason to clean up the problem. Perhaps if they would bail out the schools, hospitals, police departments, and fraud victims, maybe we could all embrace the illegal aliens among us. But they keep the money in DC as a windfall instead.

Fix the anchor baby problem? No thank you. Anchor babies and illegal aliens are counted in the U S Census (as much as possible given the stealth nature of the illegal population) so the more the merrier. Every body counts toward redistricting you know.

Washington is going to have to hear from us loud and clear before they are going to do the right thing and crack down on illegals. They’ve got it good right now and they know it.

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