Wednesday, November 28, 2007

John Laesch...

...wants to be my Congressman. He wants to replace Denny Hastert.

Let’s see what he has to say about illegal aliens.

I’m looking at this and I see an article for The Onion without much rewriting at all! Unfortunately, it is a real news story.

The scene: “Standing in the rain outside the World Relief Immigration and Citizenship Services office in downtown Aurora.”

“We need to reject the idea that any human being is illegal. We may have different skin colors and different cultures and backgrounds, but we all belong to the human race." (I think he’s missing some points along the way, but it sounds like he should be running for Congressman of the universe. That’s the world he lives in.)

He didn’t like Oberweis and his ads about enforcing immigration laws. "These ads are designed to make people afraid by blaming immigrants and keeping people distracted from the real issues like stagnating wages, unfair trade agreements, out of control health care costs and the war in Iraq."

“We should not let the fear of the unknown, of different cultures, take America down the path of a national ID card.” (How about the fear of identity theft? Or do you intend the most radical form of socialism where EVERYTHING is for the good of the order?)

Now, Laesch is a carpenter by trade. I wonder if he’s ever sat down on a saw horse with his lunch bucket and listened to his co-workers. We all know the union leadership embraces the illegal alien, but I think the guys who pay the union dues are not so excited. How can they be, knowing that the illegal alien has stolen jobs and depressed the wages of our workers?

The idea that the kid down the street or your own son would someday be a laborer and work his way up to journeyman has all but vanished. The rank-and-file in the trades are against illegals and Laesch knows it.

The unions are focusing in on service workers. They’ve got a shot at chambermaids and janitors. That’s their target.

Well, if Laesch represents the mainstream Democrat, this election will be the GOP’s to lose.

By the way, I just checked his website. Nothing there about immigration. Maybe it isn’t up yet, or maybe John needs to rework things a bit.

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