Thursday, November 8, 2007

A lesson repeated

You all remember Elvira Arellano, don’t you? She’s the Mexican illegal alien who was holed up in a storefront church in Chicago, safe from the feds. I think she is now living in Mexico and her son Saul is with her.

But she made the news in Chicago today. You see, in 2002 agents raided O’Hare Airport and found Elvira and 14 other illegal aliens working in secured areas.

Well, déjà vu! The feds raided the airport yesterday and found 24 illegal aliens working out on the tarmac with access to the cargo and cabin areas of United, KLM, and Quantas planes. My guess is that there are more than that because they found 110 badges that didn’t match the people using them.

I wonder if there are any Elviras in this bunch; you know, a martyr who will step forward and defend the rights of the illegals?

Maybe this batch of illegals can find a judge like the one I wrote about in Kane County. In that courtroom they looked at the total person and decided he was a nice man who bought a house and a car and used his own name along with someone else’s Social Security number. That makes ID fraud and unlawful presence OK in Kane County.

So, they’ll shop for a kind-hearted judge who will look the other way for all these deportable folks. Only this time Patrick Fitzgerald is the federal prosecutor. It’ll be a tough sell.

But what are the passengers supposed to think about O’Hare? It wasn’t just the temp agency, you know. The airport itself and TSA are supposed to be checking the employees, not just letting the contractor do all the checking. Where were they?

And this comes on the heels of a dismal screening record recently released about O’Hare. Investigators found that passengers could sneak dangerous items on board aircraft 60% of the time without being detected by TSA.

And where are the Washington bigmouths when things like this happen? Where’s Luis Guitierrez? Where’s Rahm Emanuel (the Democrat wunderkind who created the U S House take-over during the November 2006 election)? Where’s Durbin?

Not their kind of event I suppose. They’re more into photo ops with crying kids clinging to relatives. Never show the criminals; show the victims. And propose that the government can fix the problem. Does anybody buy that anymore?

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