Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Selling your birthright

You know the Bible story. I won’t repeat it. But every time I see our leaders failing to act in the face of this illegal alien invasion I can’t help but make a comparison.

Right here in Elgin, Mayor Schock was defending those who have trespassed into our land and taken advantage of us. He said things on the radio the other night that upset me, but I couldn’t understand why.

Like when he said that the economic growth of our town in the last 30 years was made possible by the illegal alien workers. He picked up that tidbit from some Latino feel-good conference and he bought the whole package. For him, getting along with people from other cultures trumps the fact that they are here illegally.

All is forgiven in his eyes because these people have allowed our economy to grow. Well, that growth is about as legitimate as buying shoes from a child-labor sweat shop.

And I think I’m upset because he’s sold out to foreigners who could care less about the things that make America America.

We ask him to do his part to take back our country and he wants no part of it. He has no understanding of what our country stands for, and neither do the illegals. He praises them for having the desire to pursue the American dream, but has no idea what that really means. He won’t stand up for our country. Instead he honors the immigrant and endorses their native festivals and cultures. What’s left? Our identity is not worth preserving where he’s concerned. Is he ashamed of our culture? It appears so since he casts it aside at the drop of a hat.

Let them stay here. They deserve it. The trail of identity theft, tax evasion, overcrowded housing, and theft of services can all be forgiven. Why? Because they are an oppressed minority.

Mr. mayor, you’ve sold your birthright for $500 off the cost of a new roof. You’ve sold out to a landscaping crew, a chambermaid, or a busboy. I guess America wasn’t that important to you after all.


  1. I am from Huntingburg In. and we had a mayor just like Mr. Schock.

    He lost his job yesterday.


  2. I now want to move to Huntingburg, IN!!!

  3. Gee, it's starting to get fashionable to be against illegal aliens. It's about time!