Monday, November 12, 2007

The Media Gets Tired

We’ve gone from this:

on the front page September 14th, complete with maps of all the shootings…

To this:
“Gunshots were reported at 1 a.m. Friday on the 100 block of North Liberty Street. No one was injured. A shell casing was found and police are investigating.” found on page 4 Police Reports section November 10th.

This is in the same area as the other gang crimes that made so many Elgin headlines this summer. Maybe it got to cold for the gangbangers to shoot at each other every week. Maybe there are enough police cars on the streets to remind people to behave.

Still, most of the shootings (including the murders) have not been solved.

For some reason the papers have grown bored of this toy and moved on to other things. I would hope they keep covering the problem; it keeps the cops and the mayor honest.
Update, November 13th: Another shooting, this time on South Liberty Street Sunday evening. A car pulls up, shoots at another car, then drives away. It shows up on the police blotter, page four.
Now, what DID make the front page is that the city council is meeting to discuss the creation of a special committee made up of police, citizens, clergy and politicians to discuss the after school activities that will fix the gang problem. Get enough people involved and you can spread the blame around.


  1. least it keeps the cops honest...

  2. I don't worry about the cops as much as I do the brass and the elected officials. They tend to want to tell the story in their favor whether it's true or not.

  3. Of course! With the west end expansion into the new 3/4/500K homes, they need all the positive spin they can get.