Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kiss my...

…fence. A group of open border types decided to protest at the fence near Calexico (about 120 miles inland on the California side). A fellow by the name of Rich Macgurn with No Borders Camp set up the stunt at the wire mesh fence.

The plan was to kiss some Mexicans with the fence in between. But the Border Patrol instructed the people to move away from the fence. Pepper spray and batons were eventually used. Three were arrested.

The article from the San Diego Union Tribune only tells the story from the side of the protesters (though they sought comment from the Border Patrol) but it is still an interesting tale.

It should be noted that this protest went on for a week with parties and dances. They put banners up on the wall and a hole magically appeared in the fence.

I particularly enjoyed the typo in the article that went like this: “Somebody taped a piece of paper over a whole in the wall and called it 'cross-border kissing booth.”

The video (taken by the protesters) shows an army of Border Patrol agents and a bunch of young adults who were in no hurry to obey instructions. Even from the biased video it looked like the BP used appropriate force after a week of restraint.

The newspaper allows readers to make comments about the article and I found them to be much more entertaining than the article itself. Here’s a sample:

DrewSD said, “They should of used their new Air Cannon to clear away all the protesters. You know what Kissing leads to. The USA having to pay for another Illegal giving birth In a USA hospital so they can be GRANTED, not EARNING, USA citizenship.”

MisterZeke said, “Aw heck (spit) Even our own president only gives lip service to the immigration problem.”

Borderview said, "All of the Illegals lovers in the U.S. do not have the GUTS to cross to the other side (Mexico) and start a grass roots effort over there. Because they know what would happen to them ;)”

God bless America for allowing the protest and the video to be made public. In most countries the camera AND THE CAMERAMAN would have disappeared for good!

I do hope these groups don’t tie up too much agent time. We need all of them we can get.

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