Friday, November 16, 2007

Clinton keeps on giving

No, this isn’t about Hillary, but it is a warning about liberal presidents (from either party).

Federal Judge Robert Gettleman has ruled that atheist Rob Sherman’s daughter was subjected to religion in school by virtue of Illinois’ new law about the moment of silence. And so there will be no moment of silence in her school. At least this Sherman is a freshman in high school, unlike the 7-year-old son Sherman paraded in front of the world over the Pledge of Allegiance back in 1989. Anything to help the family business, I suppose.

Sherman could not have picked a better judge for such anti-school nonsense. This same Judge Gettleman was the one who first heard the discrimination complaints about schools in U-46.

He heard the plaintiff’s complaint, declared that they did not have a case, then proceeded to PERSONALLY COACH THE PLAINTIFFS AS TO WHAT THEY NEEDED TO DO SO THEY WOULD HAVE A CASE.

Nice touch, don’t you think? Essentially he told them if they would do this and that and the other thing, they would then have a case and he would hear it.

There was no mention that the judge extended his free advice to the school district as well, telling them what he thought would be the best defense.

Here we are three years later and the school district is THREE MILLION DOLLARS poorer (legal fees) and we aren’t even getting to the meat of the case yet.

The lesson here is that if you’ve got an ax to grind with the school system, try to get Gettleman for the judge. Have we any hope that our judges will stop picking fly-poop out of pepper? As long as the crowd is buying tickets, they will keep performing.

And the Clinton connection? Gettleman was appointed a federal judge by Bill Clinton in 1994.

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