Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Two guys from Elgin

There’s a new organization in Elgin fighting against the influx of illegal aliens. They’ve got a name, a P O Box, a website, a blog, and some press coverage.

They call themselves AFLA, the Association for Legal Americans (sounds like a duck is involved to me) and they’ve been sending out letters to citizen.

They even put an ad in the Courier where people can cast their votes for seven proposals.

1- 100% screening for illegal aliens arrested. A la Colorado, New Jersey, and Costa Mesa. The chief won’t like that; she saves up her favors with ICE for when she needs them.
2- Social Security number verification. A good idea. Too bad it’s illegal in Illinois.
3- 287(g). How many times does the city have to say “NO” to this idea? But when you look around, lots of towns are saying “YES”.
4- Full time ICE officer in the jail. A la Costa Mesa. It is a great idea. It puts the work on the backs of the feds where it belongs. But you don’t get it without making noise. From the Costa Mesa presentation to the city council a couple of weeks ago, they said that the old INS used to be in the local jail on a “semi-regular” basis. After Homeland Security was formed and ICE came to be, the program stopped. Now they have their own list of bad guys. Costa Mesa had to get very public and apply for 287(g) to get the attention of the feds.
5- No insurance and your car is towed. This is a no-brainer and should have been part of the package they passed in Elgin a few months ago.
6- English only. Good luck. The city will tell you that you have to communicate with the residents to have any hope of civilization. On the other hand, have you ever seen a city newsletter in Farsi? Or Korean? Besides, English is the official language of Illinois.
7- Contractors to only hire legal workers. I think they do that. But do they audit the contractors? Also, see number 2 above for the wrinkle.

It’s a good campaign and the timing is good as well, after the New York License fiasco and the presidential candidates throwing up all over themselves.

But they’ve got a tough battle with the city council. I don’t see much support for change up there. It will take some serious public pressure to make this thing happen.

On the plus side, they’ve got some libs writing letters to the papers and making fools of themselves with all this “no person is illegal” nonsense.

It’ll be fun to watch.

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