Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Clean up

Here are a couple of loose ends from past posts.
First, Elvira Arellano seems to be getting on nicely back in Mexico. Her skills as a martyr for the cause are being put to good use south of the border.

She attended a two day conference entitled (I am not making this up): “First Parliament of Mexican Migrant Leaders Who Live in the U.S.” She took one look at the menu for the conference and immediately announced a hunger strike. Good idea, Elvira; no bottled water.

Her comments at the conference included:
“I want our government to listen, to act, to defend our migrant families.”
“Is Mexico prepared to receive all of these deported people and their families?” (I think she knows the answer to that. Remember the Mexican Congressmen who came to visit Chicago and DEMANDED that the US NOT send Elvira back? There’s your answer.)
“Is it prepared to guarantee an education to their children, who are U.S. citizens?” (Do I read into her statement that Saul and other children of illegals are NOT Mexicans? I certainly hear her say that birth in the US comes with entitlements.)
“Or is it prepared to defend them against all these attacks?” (It is interesting to me that being returned to her beloved homeland is characterized as an “attack”.)

I’m still under the assumption that Saulito is living with her in Mexico.

The other loose end is Mirthala Salinas. You remember her, don’t you? She’s the TV reporter who carried on an affair with the mayor of Los Angeles. She was punished with a two month suspension from Telemundo but didn’t report back to work They were all set to assign her to a beat far away from the mayor and she went AWOL.

Hopefully we’ve heard the last from her on this blog, unless she comes to work for the media in Chicago.

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