Saturday, November 24, 2007

ICE lets us down again

We have a suspect
Finally, there is a named suspect in the Brenetta Beck murder case. He is Hezekiah Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton has been over at Immigration for a few days. He is subject to deportation because of past criminal activity.

My comment? It is a little late for that now that a mother of two is dead.

“According to Cook County court records, Hamilton was arrested in 2002 for aggravated vehicular hijacking and was sentenced to 7 years in prison after pleading guilty. He was paroled in 2005. Records show he also had been convicted of possession of cannabis and retail theft.” Chicago Tribune.

So, he got out of jail in 2005, somehow slipped through the cracks at ICE, fathered two children with Beck, broke up with her, started a relationship with another woman, and went on to become the prime suspect in Brenetta’s murder.

Now, what if Hezekiah had been deported when he was released from jail way back in 2005? Well, I think there would have been no relationship with Beck, no birth of Tamia, no birth of Trevion, and no need for a funeral.

Right now his deportation order is on hold while we try him for murder. But watch him close; anything can happen in our court system. We’ll be paying for his public defender and Hezekiah might be acquitted. Or he might be paroled. Or he might make bail. Someone needs to be absolutely certain that he doesn’t get away from us again.

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