Friday, November 2, 2007

MRSA in Washington

Numerous politicians, mostly Democrats, have contracted the deadly MRSA.

MRSA is the common abbreviation for Muddled Ridiculous Soundbite Ailment. The first case was Senator Harry Reid who argued with himself about wildfires and global warming last week.

(By the way, did you read about the IPCC member who has defected? He came out in a letter to the Wall Street Journal to debunk his fellow scientists who are so confident about humans causing global warming. My favorite quote from Dr. John Christie is this one: “It is my turn to cringe when I hear overstated-confidence from those who describe the projected evolution of global weather patterns over the next 100 years, especially when I consider how difficult it is to accurately predict that system's behavior over the next five days.” I love it!)

Hillary was infected with MRSA the other night in Philadelphia when she debated herself on Drivers Licenses for illegals in her home state of New York. I’ll bet there are times when she wishes she had shipped her carpetbag to another state when they left the White House.

Even Obama had a touch of it that night when his answer was less than direct, but the moderator let him off the hook.

Here locally another Democrat was infected with the written form of the disease called MRCI (pronounced “murky”) for Muddled Ridiculous Correspondence Illness when he gave a friend of mine his position on licenses for illegals in Illinois. State Senator Mike Noland wrote (the entire, unedited message): “I want to thank you for your continued interest in this matter and willingness to inform me of your concerns. I take the matter of how immigration, legal and otherwise, impacts our communities very seriously. What I’m sure people who have strong feelings on both sides of this issue find frustrating about my view in this regard is that I believe both sides are right.

“On the one hand, I recognize that our nation’s generosity, boundless as I know it is, may not be equaled by its capacity to accommodate every willing entrant into its borders. And softening our laws locally may only invite increased numbers of undocumented persons into this country.

“On the other hand, when we consider the millions of dollars we pay police, prosecutors and judges to preside over traffic cases indirectly related to immigration status, and the resulting higher cost of automobile insurance, I suggest that this is an awfully high price to pay for continuing the status quo.

“While some would urge that only a comprehensive approach at the federal level will bring the needed relief our communities, our state and our nation deserve, I am of the belief that there are at least a few things at the state, and, perhaps, at the local level we can do to address the issue.

“I believe my responsibility is to reduce the cost borne by taxpayers in my district. Having significant experience in the criminal justice system as a practicing attorney, and understanding that the majority of law enforcement, judges and attorneys on both sides of this issue agree that our courts are unduly burdened by maintaining our current policy in this area, I am inclined to try something different. Concerns about terrorism are not withstanding.

“Having said that, I remain open to any quantifying information you may have in this regard. We must look at the numbers and take the emotion out of this consideration. And, after this vote is taken – should it be so in the coming days, I would very much like to work with you and others to take what additional measures we can to reduce the cost of immigration to taxpayers.
With Highest Regards,
Senator Michael Noland” (End of Noland message)

I told him I’d share it with my readers in hopes that someone can translate it for us. Feel free to leave a message so all of us can enjoy what he said.

Now, MRCI is much more serious because it is easier to misspeak than it is to write something out, reread it, and then send it. We’ll hope there is a cure besides simply not responding to questions, a tactic far too common among elected officials.

One thing is for certain, the Democrats are learning that they can no longer simply say, “I’m in favor of rights for the immigrants.” Now the voters are asking them to be a bit more specific about legal vs. illegal and how much the program is going to cost us. Most Americans are jaded enough now to understand that Washington has lost control of this problem and the politicians are being asked more specific questions.

Finally, it is no longer a foregone conclusion that the Left supports illegal immigration and the third world flood. It’s about time!

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