Thursday, November 29, 2007

Understatement Awards

It happens every year. We go along for eleven months and then there is this spike in activity as people submit their entries for “best of the year” award. There is a strategy involved. You might win if you enter at the end of the year because your entry will be fresh in the minds of the judges.

I’m talking about the coveted “Understatement of the Year Award.”

And this Johnny-come-lately entry is from Utah.

A minivan rolled over on I-15 in Southern Utah early Wednesday morning. It is believed the driver fell asleep at the wheel and over-corrected, causing the van to roll two times. Most of the passengers exited the vehicle, but one remained inside when the van was struck by a semi.

Now, here is an exact quote from the Deseret Morning News: “When one of the witnesses started calling 911, all but two of the occupants ran into nearby fields.”

Then comes the clincher: “Authorities said it is possible the people inside the van are illegal immigrants.”

That understatement is going to be hard to beat.

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