Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sad story with a happy ending

Among the saddest movie scenes are those where parents and children get separated. Remember “Sophie’s Choice” or “Not Without My Daughter”?

So I was particularly interested in this story in the San Diego Union Tribune today. It seems that this Mexican couple paid some people in Tijuana to sneak them into the United States.

The deal was that they would get everyone across for $8,200, that’s $2,500 per adult and $1,600 per child.

According to immigration they convinced the parents to let them smuggle the children across using fake birth certificates. The kids were ages 2 and 3. The parents would then cross on foot through the hills.

But the parents got caught by Border Patrol and were simply sent back home.

So, what to do about the kids? They were told by the smugglers that they could buy them back for $7,000 or they would sell the kids to someone else.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement to the rescue. Posing as relatives, they showed up at a motel. ICE proceeded to arrest two women for their role in human smuggling.

The family is reunited, thanks to Uncle Sam. And with any luck ICE will be able to unravel this ring and put a bunch of people in jail.

As for Mexico’s help in the illegal alien crisis, the Mexican military is pointing rifles at Border Patrol agents again. (Sigh)

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