Thursday, August 28, 2008

Local coverage of Denver

I opened the Daily Herald this morning and the front page was laid out like this:
Under the banner was the story about the railroad tracks. It's a long story.

Right under that, still above the fold, is a sequence of photos showing Blago and Mike Madigan in a big hug at the DNC in Denver

THEN comes the historic Obama nomination.

The big Illinois story isn't that Obama was nominated. The big Illinois story is that the Governor and Illinois Speaker are actually talking to each other for a change.

In fact, all sorts of former enemies are now talking to Blago. They aren't just gestures of friendliness to put on a show for the public. Nor are they a smokescreen to blunt the Emil Jones comment that Hillary hold-outs are "Uncle Toms."

The story behind all this affection is this: Blago holds the cards for Obama's Senate seat if Barack wins in November. Blago will name the replacement. And the gift of a free Senate seat is a BIG gift.
Obama spent over $14 MILLION to win in 2004.

Plus, whoever is sitting in that seat come the next election has the incumbent advantage.

This is no small potatoes for any politician.

And to think that the only people who would even be seen photographed with the gov at the state fair a week ago were Emil Jones, his daugher and a pig. Even his daughter was reported as saying, "Oh Daddy, do I have to?" (That last one was a flat out lie on my part!)

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