Thursday, August 7, 2008

Obama reveals himself

Perhaps you heard candidate Obama explain that he wants to send me a check for $1,000 to help me buy gasoline.

Being the genious he is, he realizes you can't just print money and send people checks. (At least he's out-thought GWB on that one.)

No, these $1,000 checks will be funded by levying new taxes against the filthy-rich, Republican, oil companies.

I heard Paul Harvey explain the problem with that theory over the radio 20 years ago. I can still hear his unique-sounding voice as he said, "Corporations don't pay taxes. People pay taxes."

And someone sent me a message the other day where he lamented that Democrats are calling 4% profit on a gallon of gas "obscene". But they have no problem with 15% taxes on that same gallon of gas.

If Barack spouts off such ideas now in order to attract the entitlement crowd, imagine what he'll do if he gets elected!

Look around, folks. States like California and Illinois are watching as government runs out of money while driving business away. Obama's energy relief plan is a prime example of how things got that way.

We can't afford more government. And we can't trust politicians to meddle in the business world. They seldom make things better and they almost always make things worse.


  1. Leadership like that leads to inspiring government, like this:

    According to the FAIR charts, immigrants are essentially driving the domestic population into other states.

    Heck, I left California, and there's no way I'm going back until they get it into their heads that taking my money to provide welfare for someone who can't even say "Thank you" in English is not how I'd like my tax money spent.

  2. But when the voters line up to collect their freebies how are you going to stop these "Santas" from getting elected?
    They'll have to drive the country into the ground to stop the madness.
    When you go back to the original discussions of voting rights, you'll see that they were thinking about this problem in the late 1700s. A good example is Jefferson's autobiography. In our current climate we can never go back, but they knew.