Friday, August 15, 2008

On Sale Now - Fake Papers!

They just arrested five Mexican nationals in Orange County CA for selling fake documents. They could have also charged them with dumping cheap products on the market.

Get this. For $70 you could get a fake Social Security Card and a fake Green Card.

When they busted up the ring in Little Village (Chicago) in April of 2007 the going rate was $300 for a Drivers License or Social Security Card.

Maybe there is more competition in Southern California. According to the American Dream, that keeps prices low.

We are finding out as part of the fall-out from employer raids that the fake documents were all part of the employee benefits package. If they liked you, they’d take care of all the paperwork. (Someone in personnel “knows a guy……”)

One by one people are seeing what has been going on for years.

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