Friday, August 29, 2008

The NEW Merida Initiative

I suppose you all know that all the necessary approvals were given to spend $1.6 BILLION on the Merida Intiatives, a taxpayer subsidy of the war on drugs South of the Border.

Mexico already has its first installment of $400 MILLION.

Merida is quite a nice place. Why else would these leaders meet there to divvy up our money? It’s close to Cancun. Lots of Mayan ruins to look at.

So, what’s the NEW Merida Initiative? Well, someone has dumped some bodies in town; 11 of them to be exact.

Quoting from the AP story, “The heads were not immediately found.”

Drug war deaths have become common in Mexico. So far this year the death toll is 2,600. But Merida is off the beaten path and a tourist town. Tijuana sure, but not Merida.

Lest we get too comfortable here, that same drug war has moved north. El Paso is on alert because Mexican hit men are looking for their own who have come here thinking they were safe.

But wait…there’s more. There are news reports from Atlanta, Phoenix, New York, Florida and Alabama where the drug lords are killing people throughout their supply chain.

And Utah officials are now cleaning out a hybrid marijuana field with thousands of plants eight feet tall with two-inch thick stalks. Mexican illegals were arrested as they tended the fields off in remote canyons.

And Operation Community Shield, a Homeland Security program, is specifically dedicated to combating the infiltration of foreign criminals into the street gangs of the United States. They can’t keep up with all the activity. And frankly, picking up 50 at a time will not put a dent in the problem.

Where this all fits in with NAFTA and “Jobs Americans won’t do,” is unclear at this time.

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