Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama's Cone of Silence

You will hear all sorts of messages coming out of Denver this week. You might even hear some discord as the Clinton camp flexes their muscles on national TV.

But there is one thing you will not hear. You will not hear Obama say much about Illinois politics. Why? Well, because there is very little positive to say. In a masterful piece on the front page of the Daily Herald today, John Patterson, the political reporter held hostage in Springfield, explains Obama’s pals and how things are working out for them.

First there is Obama’s mentor, Emil Jones. The same Emil Jones who was pitching for a 12% raise this year until the political process shut him down. The same Emil Jones who anointed his own son to replace him when he retires later this year. The same Emil Jones who has been caught over and over again providing family and friends with state jobs and state contracts.

Then there is Todd Stroger, endorsed by Obama as Cook County Board Chairman. Todd was another political “anointment” when his father had a stroke. Todd has been instrumental in creating the county with the highest sales tax in all the land. Todd has trouble with big words at press conferences. Todd had decreed that he is too important to wait for elevators so he had an elevator at his office designated as his own.

Then there is Governor Blagojevich. His name is all over the papers in connection with Tony Rezko, Obama’s next door neighbor (sort of) and the current darling of influence peddling. And Blago is no model politician at consensus-building, which is Obama’s magic bullet solution for everything from foreign policy problems to high oil prices.

Shifting away from personalities to programs, Obama would do well NOT to mention state-run health care programs in Illinois. Problems there include:
1) Doctors and hospitals not getting paid
2) Doctors refusing to put their names on the list of providers
3) Freebie health care to illegal aliens
4) Lawsuits for medical mistakes and poor quality care
5) Failed legislation to expand the program

Patterson's article is a good read at:

You would think the Illinois GOP is gaining support like crazy with the Democrats in such disarray. Think again. Carpetbagger Alan Keyes is the reason Obama is in the senate in the first place. ‘nuf sed.

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