Saturday, August 30, 2008

Did you know...

…that Homeland Security publishes an annual document called Yearbook of Immigration Statistics. It contains all sorts of charts and graphs to show what is happening in Immigration.

The Yearbook has (well, HAD) five sections. They are:

Legal Permanent Residents
Refugees and Asylees
Nonimmigrant Admissions

You can see the link here:

For some unexplained reason two sections do not appear in the Yearbook for 2007. Nonimmigrant Admissions and Enforcement are missing from the report.

Does anyone know why? Does anyone care?

I was snooping around the Homeland Security website today and I discovered that the Gary Mead was twice called to testify before Congress regarding his operation, Detentions and Removals.

Congress was not calling him in to ask if he needed more money or more help in housing and removing the illegal alien population. No sir.

Congress wanted to investigate allegations that he was detaining citizens, not aliens. And the second time they were concerned about the health and welfare of illegal aliens in custody.

Here are his remarks to Congress:


Has our country gone completely mad?

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