Thursday, August 14, 2008

Move over Campeon and Ramos

Here we go again. There was a confrontation at the border on Tuesday. A group of Mexicans were throwing rocks and chunks of concrete at the Border Patrol agents working the line.

They spotted a few fence jumpers and when they went to take care of it they were met by a mob throwing rocks and concrete at them.

The BP responded with non-lethal pepper balls (are Mexicans immune as a result of their diet of habaneros?) and tear gas canisters.

Two of them didn’t get the message and continued to throw rocks at them.

One of the agents fired two shots, scoring a direct hit on the buttocks. The man’s condition? (I am not making this up) “after undergoing surgery [he] was in delicate, but stable condition,” according to the San Diego Union Tribune.

For those of you who are keeping track, there have been 330 such confrontations at the border so far this year, compared to 254 during all of last year. The natives are restless.

But, mark my words, this agent will wind up in a cell just like Ramos and Campeon. Bush will not protect him. Chertoff will melt like butter. Basham will be unavailable for comment.

And the lawyers at DOJ will be working overtime to prove to Calderon that we don’t condone that kind of behavior by our agents.

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