Friday, August 15, 2008

Los Desaparecidos

Could it be that we have a little Star Chamber justice going on in Mexico these days?

Allegations have surfaced that the 2007 disappearances of members of a rebel group were conducted by the Mexican Government. And the allegations are gaining credence because Mexico’s Interior Department used the phrase “forced disappearance” in their press release regarding the investigation.

Iraq, Iran, Argentina, Chile, the USSR…all have a history of making people disappear.

Here in the civilized world such acts are generally carried out by organized crime - a la Jimmy Hoffa legend. The preferred method of western government is faked suicide. (Oooh, that slipped out of my mind. Strike it from the record.)

What makes this story newsworthy is that the Mexican Government is nibbling at the edges of an admission of guilt. Or is just restating the obvious since the Mexican AG office just revealed six moles keeping drug lords one step ahead of the law?

Or perhaps complete police departments so corrupt that the military has taken them over and arrested all the cops?

If you like Michael Douglas and Hal Holbrook, the 1983 movie “Star Chamber” is an interesting take on the judicial system. (Rated R. I saw the TV edited version.)

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