Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hey, that's MY stuff

It seems that foreigners are stealing stuff that doesn’t belong to them.

Well, they don’t actually STEAL it; they ARE paying for it.

But because it is subsidized by the government they save about 50% off the price at retail.

The government has stepped in and is now fining these people about 70% of the value. Finally, the government sees a problem and is taking swift action!

(What is he talking about?)

Well, it goes like this. Diesel fuel is selling for about $2.25 a gallon in Mexico these days. Folks are lining up at the border, going into Mexico, and filling up there.

Actually, there are always lines at the border entry points so it can take HOURS to make the trip.

Yankee ingenuity kicked in and they began taking tanks and barrels with them and getting… oh…100 gallons at a time. This caused the Mexican motorists and truckers to complain about long lines and shortages.

And so the Mexican government now fines US drivers when they come down and fill up extra tanks. And they impound your car until you pay up.

I can think of all sorts of ways to make that model work here in the United States. Too bad our politicians are unwilling to defend our sovereignty!

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