Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Obama's most frequent visitor in the first six months in the White House was Andy Stern, union boss.
Andy stopped by something like 22 times in six months. It's not surprising. Andy has quite an agenda to keep tabs on. And the SEIU is a top contributor to the democrat party.
Three important issues come to mind.
1) Andy wants to end the secret ballot when it comes to forming unions. He would rather have the right to intimidate workers into signing a card in the presence of the organizer, then hand over a stack of signed cards to management. As it stands now the union makes their pitch and workers mark a secret ballot. In lib speak the end of secret ballots is called "The Employee Free Choice Act." I admit, I don't understand the title.
2) Andy wants universal health care with the public option. Such a law would make union health care cheaper and give the unions an out.
3) Amnesty for illegal aliens. Andy and the SEIU want all those third world workers in the union demanding higher wages and benefits. They already know how to march; all they need is the papers. Additionally, Andy wants the guest worker visas to carry an automatic path to citizenship.
Like I said, Andy has lots of things to keep an eye on at the White House.
Another frequent Obama visitor is John Podesta. Here are some photos from John's album:
John Podesta with David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

John Podesta with Al Gore, Harry Reid, T. Boone Pickens, Cathy Zoie at a green summit.

Van Jones and John Podesta.

Bill Clinton with John Podesta

And last but not least, President Obama and John Podesta.
John Podesta was co-chair of Obama's transition team. He's a very progressive fellow as you can see by his companions.
Podesta is President and CEO of the Center for American Progress. He visited Obama ten times in the first six months.
Oh, did I mention that Andy Stern and John Podesta are both members of the ACORN governing board? Interesting, don't you think?

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