Friday, November 13, 2009

Just plain DUMB

Perhaps you do it, too. You look for the twin towers in pre-9/11 movies showing the New York skyline.

And it's a weird feeling to see them, isn't it?

A TV series (Fringe, I think) used them as a device to demonstrate a parallel universe scene. And I must admit it was effective.

Now, someone who lives or works in NYC must be hyper-sensitive to reminders of terrorism. How can we forget the Air Force One joyride over Manhattan earlier in the year?

So, it seems absolutely ridiculous that Obama announces he's going to try a 9/11 suspect in New York City federal civilian court. No wonder he left the country just before they made the announcement.

Is Obama simply crazy? Hasn't this mess caused enough controversy? Why in the world would he rub their noses in it?

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