Thursday, November 19, 2009

Throw them a bone - Part 1

The Obama administration is past due on some political debts. Not the least of these is the Gitmo closure promise.

The pro-terrorist bunch are the same ones who expected the Bower-in-Chief to beat a hasty retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well, there is some movement out of Iraq but Obama actually increased our presence in Afghanistan. Now, he's promising a decision in the next several weeks on the troop level there. (Where have we heard that before?)

Then along came that pesky problem of the attack on Fort Hood.

So, here comes the bone. We'll empty out Gitmo and place the security burden on New York City. (Personally, if you're going to try those five 9/11 terrorists in civilian courts you ought to do it in Detroit. First, they can find a jury of their peers; and second, they won't have that venue thing going. Finding 360 virgins in the case of execution could be a problem in either venue.)

As for the other prisoners, there is a controversy about using Thomson, a new prison along the Mississippi river just south of Savanna, Illinois. There are about 200 prisoners there now but the prison has been underutilized from day one.

The plan is for the feds to move about 100 Gitmo prisoners in there, along with other federal detainees.

Durbin says it's perfectly safe.

It's funny that they never have enough detention beds for illegal aliens, but when Obama wants something suddenly the earth moves for him.

So, there's your bone, libs. Satisfied?

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