Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obama at III Corps

The President did a good job at Ft Hood today, which is remarkable given the obstacles.

Above is a photo from a couple of weeks ago when he met some of the dead returning home from war. For some reason, it creeped me out. I think I know why.

It is because Obama's life represents the anti-military sentiment of the Left. His mother and both fathers resented the military. His schooling taught him to protest the military. He surrounded himself with the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers.

In short, Obama was more likely to call in a bomb threat to an ROTC building on campus than to attend a class there.

The Left may believe they have pulled one over on us by supporting the troops while simultaneously opposing the war. That mentality simply does not fly and comes off as a political sleight-of-hand.

With all that baggage, Obama entered Ft Hood at a definite disadvantage. But his speech was well-written and well-delivered.

My only criticism is this comment: "But this much we do know -- no faith justifies these murderous and craven acts; no just and loving God looks upon them with favor. For what he has done, we know that the killer will be met with justice -- in this world, and the next."

Was he attempting to soft-pedal militant Islamic doctrine? Or is he naive enough that he doesn't understand the fundamental beliefs of our foes in the war on terror?

This is no criticism of Islam alone. One need only read the Old Testament to discover that God has indeed called for the destruction of every man, woman, child, and animal of certain cities.

Surely Obama is not foolish enough to deny that suicide bombers are indeed following the voice of Allah as he tells them to kill the infidels. But that doesn't make very good copy, especially as he campaigns in behalf of mainstream Muslimdom. I think he could, and should have, left that part out. Obviously, theology was never his long suit.

Like I say, otherwise it was a surprisingly fine speech.

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