Friday, November 6, 2009

Rethinking Diversity

Muslims in America.

Two unrelated events have me wondering about our quest for multiculturalism.

The first was the doctor in Texas who was originally told she could not wear her head scarf while on duty at the hospital. CAIR loudly protested and the hospital backed down.

The second was a disgruntled Army Major who gunned down 40 soldiers, killing 13 at Fort Hood.

I just turned off the news where several Islamic groups in the US (including CAIR) have gone on camera to denounce the errant Major and his violence.

At the heart of both cases is a reluctance to assimilate into OUR culture. The most vocal immigrant groups, Muslims and Hispanics, want America both ways.

They appreciate the educational opportunities (especially for Muslim women), the standard of living, our open society, and the guarantees of equality we enjoy.

They are not afraid to lodge complaints if they feel discriminated against.

And yet they want to pick-and-choose the elements of their culture they wish to continue to practice, expecting our government to protect those rights.

The Army obviously was paralyzed when they should have acted on outward signs that Hasan was becoming disaffected with the mission of the military. No doubt they would have faced criticism and letters from CAIR had they censured or discharged Hasan simply because he was opposed to our presence in Iraq.

Seven hours before the killings he was dressed in his Muslim garb. He praised Allah as he opened fire. Clearly Islam was important to him and he, like all the other terrorists, felt he was serving his God by killing.

Americans can't help but believe we are being duped by immigrants who have learned they can wag the dog and get away with it.

I know that the Major was born here (or at least that is the belief) but one cannot deny his Jordanian ancestry, his adopted Palestinian ancestry, and his connection to Islam.

Apologists for Muslims take comfort in saying he was not part of radical Islam, but a practicing, mainstream Muslim. All the more reason to worry, I say. For if he can carry out his monstrous act while under the tutelage of peace-loving Islam, there is cause for general alarm.

Surely the Left will understand this, for they have painted Christians with the same broad brush any time a fundamentalist goes berserk.

Methinks it is time for some other groups to conduct the sensitivity training sessions. Americans are tired of bowing to the whims of others, only to be sued or ambushed.

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