Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flowers and candy

Obama should send a generous gift to Rick Santelli and the Tea Party folks. The strength of those groups will determine Obama's success in the midterms.

The President cannot win based on his agenda. It will take a new Ross Perot to split the Right.

If he is successful at ramrodding Cap-and-Trade, Obamacare, and Immigration Reform he will energize the Right. The far Left will be disappointed that he didn't do enough and the independents will be scared to death.

On the other hand, if he fails at those three agenda items he will be seen as weak and vulnerable.

He will always have the gullible urban vote, but the House is not about urban votes. It is a test of real support.

Both parties are suffering from an acute power vacuum with bitter primaries expected. Congressional disapproval ratings are catching up with them.

Add in the jobless recovery traced directly to funny money injected in the form of corporate bail-outs, cash for clunkers and the $8K homebuyer bonus and you have a losing ticket.

So, I suggest that Obama encourage the Tea Party Protests in hopes they will split the GOP as they did in upstate New York.

Then again, Ralph Nader was a great spoiler for the democrats.

The only hope is that the GOP wakes up and realizes that Karl Rove's Big Tent can never compete with Obama. They either choose to embrace the fundamentals of conservatism or they won't gain House seats. Newt blew it. Palin, Mitt and Huckabee are feeling their way in the wilderness. Steele has been a non-starter.

Still, the GOP is closer to a formula than the White House. They still think David Letterman is a viable media outlet and Chris Wallace is not. The Chicago Machine never was very good at politics when people actually had a choice.

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