Friday, November 27, 2009

"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown"

...especially when the crown reads, "White House Social Secretary."

It will be interesting to see the fallout from the party crashers. It is generally believed that the absence of someone from the Social Secretary's Office at the credentials table allowed the ruse to take place.

The ultimate boss of the Social Secretary is the First Lady. Perhaps that explains why Barry and the girls pardoned the turkey without Michelle.
So, who is the Social Secretary. Well, she's a friend of the Obama's. (No surprise there.) And she was the one-time head of the Illinois State Lottery. (She's got that political appointee thang on her resume.)

And she worked PR for People's Gas and Allstate Insurance.

She is Desiree Rogers.
Desiree is the one with the super-short haircut. The one with the pearls is Valerie Jerrett, perhaps Obama's most-trusted advisor. Also in both photos is Linda Johnson Rice. (Johnson, as in Ebony and Jet magazine Johnson.)

So, will Desiree take the fall for the security breech? I'm guessing she won't. There will be some Secret Service changes and a couple of poor agents will wind up looking for fake fives in Fargo for the rest of their careers.
But Desiree clearly owes Michelle one. Maybe a couple.
In a bit of foreshadowing, an article about Desiree appeared in The Chicago Tribune on the Ides of March. It quoted Ms. Rogers thus: "Something that we've talked about from early on is making it the people's house," said Rogers, sitting at a table in her East Wing office, a view of the Truman Balcony behind her.
She's certainly done that.