Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diagnosis: Dyslexia

I believe I have broken the code. Obama is dyslexic.

You’ve heard the saying, “Think globally. Act locally.” The president thinks it’s supposed to be, “Think locally. Act globally.” And that is creating all sorts of problems, especially in the international policy department.

Obama’s background and forte is community organizing. It got him into Harvard and, after getting his law degree, he went back into the hood to “make a difference.” Michelle was in the same line of work.

And the objective of a community organizer is getting the right people talking to each other. For example, if the elevators are always broken at the projects, a community organizer steps in and gets some negotiations going among the “stakeholders.” He’s succeeded when he sees some residents, the building owner, an alderman, and CHA police sitting around a table.

His work is done, regardless of the outcome.

Ponder this Imprimis comment from John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN: “The president has said repeatedly--starting with his Inaugural Address--that the United States must hold out its hand to countries like North Korea and Iran in the hopes that they will unclench their fist and enter into negotiation. This reflects a curious view of history, since in fact the Bush administration negotiated directly or indirectly with Iran and North Korea for six-and-a-half years. But more importantly, it reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of negotiation. Negotiation is not a policy. It is a technique. It is a way of achieving our objectives. It doesn't tell us what the objectives are. The emphasis on negotiation as an end in itself reflects a shallowness in this administration's approach to international affairs, and gives us little confidence that our interests will be well served.”

So you see, Obama is simply a community organizer on a global scale. Although “W” will never win the best president ever award, nor will he be known for his eloquence, I would much prefer a “decider” in the White House over a “community organizer.” At least Bush was able to openly identify radical Islam as a source of evil in the world.

Bolton's entire essay can be read here:

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