Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Weatherman speaks for himself

Bill Ayers, a political activist who once hosted a campaign party for Obama himself was disinvited to speak at a Naperville high school. I think it was the wrong thing to do, but I found Ayers’ reaction rather humorous.

The University of Illinois-Chicago education professor sent this e-mail after being informed of the cancellation: "This cancellation provides terrible lessons for these young people about the limits of freedom and the importance of obedience, and it must be painful for many of them to watch people they admire collapse under pressure. It has all the hallmarks of suppression of speech: incitement of fear, intimidation of well-meaning folks, mob rule."

Remember his phrases:
“limits of freedom”
“importance of obedience”
“incitement of fear”
“intimidation of well-meaning folks”
“mob rule”

What’s that character flaw where you get most agitated when you see your own weaknesses in the actions of others?

Well, here’s Ayers’ rap sheet. It includes bombs and a dead policeman. I wonder if he detects the irony in his own words?

But that was then. Where’s his mind in 2009? His office door is decorated with pictures of (cop killer) Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Malcolm X.

Like I say, I think it was wrong to cancel his visit. The problem was the goof who invited him to speak in the first place.

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