Friday, April 17, 2009

Catholics 4, Obama 1

It seems the president is once again showing hyper-obeisance to Muslims while throwing Christians under the bus. It's the theological version of affirmative action.

The White House instructed Georgetown University (Catholic) to cover up the symbolic Jesus before Obama spoke there earlier this week. One would hate to have THAT THING in the camera shots right after Obama told the world we aren't a Christian nation.
Here is a little photo history of Gaston Hall:

Gaston Hall in 1895. Note the Stars-and-Stripes bunting peacefully coexisting with the cross and the "IHS" icon.

Here's Ron Paul speaking there. Is it just me or is the American flag awfully close to that cross?

Here's Obama earlier this week. That cross and "IHS" were covered up at the explicit request of the White House.

I added the banner from a previous presidential event. Obama has succeeded in offending Catholics and their leaders. I wonder what they'll have to do at Notre Dame to accommodate the administration.

Obama scores with Rome on his views on illegal aliens, but he loses points on abortion, stem-cell research, the commencement at Notre Dame and his desire to redecorate chapels.

He really shouldn't have worried about the icon. Cultural literacy is so abysmal few would have made the connection anyway.

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