Thursday, April 16, 2009

Media coverage

Just a couple of thoughts on media coverage of the Chicago Tea Party. I was there.

One TV station showed the rally site at about 10:30 am, an hour and a half before it was to begin. They never mentioned the size of the crowd. Someone watching that station would have the impression that there were about 100 people at the rally, not 2,500.

It would be like sending a photographer to the Easter Service to take pictures a half hour before it began, leading people to believe no one goes to church on Easter any more.

The Young Republicans rented a tall ship and sailed from Navy Pier. It was a great visual, but the TV reporters were obsessed with the EPA. They kept explaining that the crates didn’t really have any tea in them and would be retrieved from the harbor.

They showed over and over again the crates tethered with ropes as they were tossed over the side of the ship.

The coverage was on the logistics, not so much the protest itself.

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