Thursday, April 30, 2009

Greenspan on illegal aliens

Alan Greenspan was at a Senate hearing today, talking about amnesty for illegal aliens. Of course, they would choose an economist who agrees with them to make the presentation.

Greenspan is the master of macro-economics. His agenda was to promote borrowing and consumption, which requires growth. Of course, it is impossible to sustain such actions. By-and-by comes a train wreck, as we are now suffering.

But for him new borrowers and new consumers are good, and large numbers of illegal aliens fit the bill.

He glossed over the fact that our low-skilled citizens are taking it on the chin, being undercut at every turn by illegal aliens.

He then went on to extol the virtues of immigrants (and illegals) at the top end, those requiring professional visas. He quoted Bill Gates. He wants more visas for scientists and engineers.

Why? Because our educational system is broken. We can't get math and science right and must import talent to fill the gap. So goes the argument.

I wonder what would happen in our school district if we could spend our money on the gifted? Instead we teach English, hygiene, and foreign culture to anchor babies, immigrant children, and Plyler's kids. And there are federal grants for bilingual education, but few for math and science. What did Greenspan expect? And exactly how does amnesty fix that problem?

But his deliberate pronouncements were well-received by the committee. Just what they wanted to hear.

We wouldn't want one of those rogue economists telling Congress that America will adapt if we allow our own citizens to fill the jobs. Wages and benefits would adapt to the demand and the unemployed would fill those jobs.

We would see our own scientists rise to the occasion.

Greenspan didn't talk at all about our broken labor certification that doesn't look very hard to find a citizen to fill the professional jobs.

But Greenspan has never been wrong before, has he?

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