Monday, April 13, 2009

Cue the violins

The victim articles are coming on fast and strong. They must be priming the pump for another run at amnesty.

There was an article on-line at the Daily Herald about the poor people who have been deported even though they were here legally. The poster child is Pedro Guzman, born in the United States but deported to Mexico.

Pedro is mentally ill, spoke only Spanish and is illiterate. He signed the waiver for deportation and wound up in Mexico. It took the family three months to find him. That was news back in 2007 when it happened. It is still news today.

Latino activists say there have been 55 cases of wrongly deported in the past eight years. ICE admits to ten cases. (It's funny they didn't mention the 600,000 fugitives who were ordered deported and failed to leave. Or the 12 MILLION who are here illegally and know it.)

The take home message is that we should stop all deportations.

Article number two (also in the Herald) was a rehash of the fake data that 90% of weapons used by Mexican drug lords comes from the United States. (As earlier reported, the real number is about 17%.)

The take home message is that we (The United States) are to blame for the trouble in Mexico so we should spend a billion on the problem and go easy on the illegals who came here to escape the violence.

And the Gutierrez roadshow, designed to elicit tears as we hear tales of separated families in the aftermath of deportation. I do hope they have finished their 16 city tour.

And perhaps the best of all is the theory that we need the illegal aliens to fuel our economic recovery. That one is a stretch. Obviously their advocates aren't economists, unless they came from the Bush White House. What part of "income transfer" don't they understand?

All I'm saying is be prepared for the onslaught of pity pieces as a run up to the May Day rallies around the country. And they are only a dress rehearsal for the Obama administration as they pretend to hear a mandate for amnesty.

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