Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's not cool to be anti-American

The White House has officially declared to the world that America bashing is no longer “cool”. David Axelrod, Obama’s close Chicago friend and political strategist, decreed it so with this statement: “I think what has happened is that anti-Americanism isn't cool anymore.”

I believe David was speaking directly to the likes of Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chavez, and the Castro Brothers.

In answer to the question about the expectation Obama has for Chavez, Axelrod said: “Well, for one thing, to stop this sort of rampant and tasteless anti-Americanism that we've seen over the last eight years, and try and work cooperatively with us. And the hope is, is that that's what will come from this.

“But understand what's happening, Harry, and not just with Venezuela but with countries around the world. I think this president has engaged the people of the world, the constituencies of these leaders, and the leaders are now responding. Easy anti-Americanism is no longer a great political tactic in their countries, and I think that's one of the early accomplishments of this presidency.”

And how did Obama achieve this feat of elevating the reputation of the United States on the world stage?

Self-deprecation. That’s it. (And maybe Michelle’s wardrobe.)

Obama has been reaching out to Muslims since the first week in office. He held his first interview with al-Arabiya, reaching out to the Arab world rather than Fox News viewers. He sent holiday greetings to Iran. He told audiences all over Europe that we’re sorry. He made it clear that Muslims get preferential treatment over Christians in the United States (that theological affirmative action I wrote about earlier).

And he showed great respect at G20 and the Summit of the Americas, going out of his way to extend special greetings to the enemies Bush created. (Well, Obama blames the trouble on Bush.)

And he blames us wherever possible. Like the border violence. That’s caused by OUR guns in the hands of Mexican drug lords. That’s the result of the demand for drugs by rich white kids in the USA.

Illegals perishing in the desert? That’s a result of our failed immigration policy.

Deportation? Not the fault of the illegal aliens. We’re to blame for separating otherwise law-abiding families.

Oh, and the employers who hire illegals. (He never quite gets to the E-Verify fiasco, the main tool for employers.)

And those rightwing nuts who threaten our national security.

Maybe John Foster Dulles was wrong: “The United States of America does not have friends. It has interests.” (Secretary of State, 1953-1959)

Only time will tell if the community organizer knows more than the diplomat.

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