Thursday, March 13, 2008

Schools in Chicago

There is another flurry of activity by Chicago politicians to fix the problem of violence in our schools. Last week at Crane High School one student was shot and killed while a second student was beaten with a golf club. (He remains in critical condition.)

So, the answer is “more police in the schools.” But read this quote from the Chicago Tribune: “But the mere presence of police is no guarantee that violence will be prevented. At Crane, about a dozen officers and school officials were on duty every morning and afternoon in an attempt to keep peace but were unable to stop the fatal shooting of student Ruben Ivy last Friday.”

What kind of high school has a dozen officers roaming the halls? Is that some sort of a clue that we’ve got problems? And yet the soundbites on the 10 o’clock news show neighbors and parents screaming for more cops in the hallways.

I made reference the other day to Lawndale High School where the president of Mexico spoke last month. It is actually four high schools in one. You’ll love the names they gave these schools. Here they are, with a short mission statement for each one:

Multicultural Arts High School
The Multicultural Arts School (MAS) will be a stimulating, exciting and safe school, offering youth a unique range of learning experiences and opportunities for self-expression. Through the arts integrated program we will create an environment of excellence that will prepare our students for college. The richness of art experiences will be ensured through vital partnerships with arts institutions and community artists, providing an arts environment unparalleled in the communities we will serve. MAS will put into practice the ideals of freedom, justice, equality, equity, and human dignity. It will be a place of respect for learners and teachers, and will foster unity and civic engagement among students from the North and South Lawndale communities. MAS educators will cultivate a common culture of respect, appreciation of differences, non-violence, and shared decision-making. Through cultural exploration, students will gain a sensitivity to the experiences of others and will learn to interpret and express historic, scientific and literary concepts through the arts.

Infinity Math, Science and Technology High School
Infinity High School is committed to providing a safe learning environment in a dignified manner. The staff fosters relationships with all students, assisting them to set and achieve goals to become life-long learners. Exposure to the latest multicultural, math, science, and technology research-based methods provides continuous professional development for staff and faculty and ensures that Infinity High School students experience quality teaching and learning opportunities. Infinity High School's rigorous, student-centered, academic program – along with its strong community link - forms a strategic connection that aids students in their educational and world-citizen development.

World Language High School
World Language High School provides a rigorous and challenging curriculum that connects the academic life of students to practical application. Through the study of world languages and promotion of cultural consciousness, our school empowers students academically and socially. Our students prepare for their next levels of education and gain the confidence to be positive influences in their communities, country, and the world.

Social Justice High School (my personal favorite)
Our Vision
The purpose of the school of social justice is to assure that all students become critical thinkers through a curriculum that is rigorous, innovative, and implemented through meaningful school relationships.Project based and problem based learning that addresses real world issues through the lenses of race, gender, culture, economic equity, peace, justice, and the environment will be the catalyst for developing our curriculum.Service learning will be the center of our curriculum. Our community and the city will be our classroom. All learning will be relevant to the lives of our students.We will increase student learning and achievement by building on what our students know and utilize their everyday experiences in order to build the excellence of basic skills and literacy.The professional community composed of administrators, teachers, students, parents and other community members will learn together and from one another.
------------end of Little Village Lawndale High School quote-----------------

I can’t wonder if the violence at Crane and the philosophies at Lawndale are somehow linked. Perhaps I can get a grant to study it. I’m thinking the title will be “The Impact of the Attitude of Entitlement on Public Education.” What do you think?


  1. Maybe, and I may be going out on a limb here, if the parents got involved in thier kids lives and cracked the perverbial whip now and again (because physically disciplining your kids would make the libs cry out in pain), then the dumbs*it kids who are killing each other may not do that.

    But what do I know...


  2. Maybe if the kids knew their fathers (which is difficult when the mother doesn't know who the father is) that would help.
    Maybe if families went back to raising kids instead of government-subsidized programs, kids would behave better. Why we turn to the State to help us with these problems is beyond me. Haven't they already proven their incompetence?

  3. Governor Gonad and Toddler do it

    Someday....... I will leave this corrupt state.


  4. For those of you who are not from Illannoyed...Gov Gonad is Gov Blagojevich who coined the political phrase "testicular virility". Toddler is Board President Todd Stroger, who was anoited King of Cook County by his comatose father. If you can find it on the Internet, Todd had one of the best audio clips of 2007 when he was trying to read medical terms at a press conference.
    LW, why would you want to leave this state? It is sooooo entertaining.

  5. Here's the link to the Stroger soundbite. Open the link below and click on the word "this" in the first line of the story.

  6. Yes, Toddler....he was going to reform the Crook County government that his father abused for so many years. Starting with eliminating waste....except, he couldnt' work with the billions of dollars he had becuase the 1300 positions he HAD to create needed more let's add even more to the already OUTRAGEOUS sales tax and property transfer tax. Never mind that the economy is going down the dumper and that foreclosures are the higest ever and gas prices are raping the average consumer....naaaaa they can afford more.

    I can't believe people actualy continue to vote these corrupt pieces of monkey...into office. Oh wait, it's a liberal haven...yeah, now I can see it.