Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The bigger they are...

Mr. Clean, Elliott Spitzer, crime fighter and Governor of New York, has resigned his post after it came to light that he had an $80,000 habit of hiring prostitutes.

He was a very aggressive Attorney General and set the pace for other states when it came to going after businesses and standing up for the little guy. It didn't matter if it was a tobacco company or an insurance company, Spitzer always went for the throat.

And even worse news is that Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island was pulled over for driving stoned. Bad mug shot to boot. Now Ginger I could see, but not Mary Ann. Say it ain't so!

Back to the Gov, I understand there are all sorts of people going through Blagojevich's records looking for wire transfers and expenditures. I think it is all wishful thinking, though. We wouldn't be lucky enough to get an instant resignation from Blago.

The pattern in Illinois seems to be to wait until they have finished their term, then send them to jail. There are limits to our patience, even in Illinois. All bets are off if Blago announces that he is running for a third term.

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  1. Send Blago to Jail! And then send Todder too for screwing EVERY single person in Crook County!

    Spitzer was simply supporting New York's oldest profession :)

    -Little Wing