Monday, March 24, 2008

Pesky data

You can probably guess that I’m not a fan of the global warming theory. But I’m not the kind of critic who makes global warming jokes on a cold day in Chicago. I understand the frustration of the green folks who tell us we have to look at the trends over time.

I also understand that you must consider what is going on at the poles in order to get a handle on it.

I’ve written before about the renegade from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change who remarked that meteorologists ought to know better than to predict what will happen in 100 years when they can’t even tell you what the weekend will be like weatherwise!

So the latest assault on global warming comes from the analysis of the NASA Aqua project data. It seems that reality is NOT following the computer model. Here Al Gore is telling us that surface temps are going up and up…and NASA is recording that they are going down.


Well, we’re not talking about this winter. It was a fluke.

Actually, NASA is talking about the trend since the year 2002 and based on other data from 1998 – TEN YEARS AGO!

How inconvenient! Why this might change everything. The politicians have made their speeches. Accords have been signed. Gore won the Nobel Prize. Even the Wall Street Journal had an entire section today about ecology and business. Here in Elgin we hired a consultant for $10,000 to study ways for the city to go green.

And the carbon credits and carbon footprints. An entire economic model all dressed up with nowhere to go. Whatever will the libs do now?

Well, there’s always lead paint in toys. Or gun control. Or abortion rights. Or ending the war.

Of course, the reasonable thing to do is take a sensible approach to making our machines more fuel-efficient and cleaner running. Of course we should look at other ways to fuel our society. But that isn’t new. Those ideas go back to the 1960s. And one look at the cars of just 50 years ago will tell you that we have made significant progress.

My guess is that killing the global warming machine will take a couple of decades. Folks with a liberal education are always looking for a job. And this one looked like a winner. Maybe they’ll keep it alive long enough to retire.

Judging from the lack of media coverage on the Aqua data, they just might be able to go 50 years with this little charade of junk science.

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