Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Installment 3 - Calderon in Chicago

Part three of the Calderon Speech in Chicago:

We are working to improve our political conditions and our state institutions.

First of all, regarding security, when I arrived at the presidency I perceived what you already know because your families have told you, because you’ve seen it in the media, that some areas of the country were practically under the control of organized crime, that the security of our families was completely at risk and in play, that crime was dictating the laws and not the laws of the State governing in some zones.

That is why, since the first day of my presidency, we are employing the entire force of the State to wage a frontal battle against organized crime and rescue our Mexico from the claws of the criminals.

When I say all the forces of the State I mean the Army, the Navy, the Federal Police, the local forces…because I know that the security of our children is at stake. Because we want our children to stay far away from drugs, which they want to forcefully introduce in our schools and in our neighborhoods. Because we are determined to win this battle and we will win with the support of all Mexicans.

We are also working to make Mexico a competitive economy. You, friends, have demonstrated to yourselves, to the world, to the United States, what can be done. You who live productive lives, who have made the most of yourselves in order to move forward, are living proof that Mexicans lack nothing in terms of capacity and talent in the entire world.

That when we suggest that we can be the best, Mexicans are determined that we will compete fiercely in the world. Mexico not only competes but also wins in this world where we compete. We can and we will.

We are transforming our economy. We have made important reforms that we have been able to resolve. For example, the problem of pensions that ran the risk of collapsing the government; or public finances that were incapable of sustaining their programs.

We have also modified our fiscal practices. We are poised to pass a Congressional reform to change our judicial practices so there is more transparency in our processes, less corruption with the judges…so we have a truly adversarial system and not a accusatory one. And at the same time the State is more capable of confronting crime.

Congress approved an election reform that will allow us to rely on election laws and authorities to count the votes of all political parties, something which will bring new institutional strength and life to our country.

We are working hard. This is what I want to tell you countrymen. We are working on the infrastructure. We are working on what Mexico needs. On highways, on ports, on airports.

During the last ten years in Mexico we have invested about two percent of the Gross Domestic Product on infrastructure per year.

With the Fiscal Reform Program and with the National Infrastructure Fund we are now investing five and a half percent of the GDP, fifty thousand million dollars every year invested in Mexico on infrastructure.

This means bridges. It means the streets that you know are bad in the communities you left behind.

This means highways that can connect Mexico, that can generate jobs for our people, opportunities for business and growth in our economy.
-----end of Calderon segment-------

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