Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alien removed from Area 51

My friend LB (not named thus for a weight problem) sent me a news item from Roswell New Mexico. Roswell is about 200 miles from El Paso and famous for aliens, the kind from outer space.

But this time the alien is an 18-year-old pregnant high school student who has been deported. It seems Karina Acosta dropped someone off at the Middle School, blocking the fire lane, then proceeded to the high school nearby. The officer pulled her over in the school parking lot and discovered that she was unlicensed. (Imagine that.)

The police gave her several days to come up with proof of legal residency but she was unable to do so. Acosta was then deported.

Now the libs are up in arms about it because the arrest took place on school property. They are invoking the Plyler vs. Doe decision in 1982 that requires school districts to provide a free public education to illegal aliens.

As the Salt Lake City School District found out, you cannot even ask the question, “How long has your family been in this country?” in an effort to assess the language needs of a student.

But the libs have gone too far this time. They are claiming that Plyler vs. Doe turns the schools into sanctuaries for illegal aliens. They claim you cannot enforce immigration laws anywhere on school property.

Let’s hope they don’t take the case before a Clinton appointee or we might have an Acosta vs. Roswell School District ruling making all schools in the United States “Amnesty Zones”.

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