Friday, March 7, 2008

Comments about Calderon's Speech

Regarding the post below (yesterday) I hope you can get a sense of President Calderon's tone. There is not one scintilla of gratitude to the United States for what we have provided. Not one iota of apology for violating our laws.
He paints illegal aliens as heroes, brave and strong. And suggests entitlement for having done our country a favor by coming here.
On May Day when you see photographs of them marching in the streets, demanding their rights, know that this arrogant attitude starts right at the top. The president of Mexico asserts those rights on behalf of his people without the least bit of shame or hesitation. He believes Mexicans are entitled to be here. He supports their presence. He provides diplomatic services for them.
Not once have I heard him announce, "Do not go to the United States unless you have been granted papers to do so." Nor will he. Instead he has directed a campaign to fight discrimination in the United States against Mexicans.
He joins all the other similar voices in lumping legals with illegals and calling those who would seek to separate the two "racists."
Don't look to Bush to do anything. He's on Calderon's side.

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