Friday, March 14, 2008

Obama gets Romney-ized

The airwaves are abuzz with religion and politics once again. But this time the Clinton war machine has taken aim at Barack Obama and where he goes on Sunday. And the press has picked up the scent of blood.

The core question is this: “How does one’s religious affiliation affect one’s ability to govern?” At the edges are whether or not a candidate is responsible for the teachings of his church.

Obama’s Pastor, Jeremy Wright, Jr. is characterized as liberal, very liberal. And very vocal.

All politicians work the middle and send discrete signals to their fringe supporters. So this presents a problem for Senator O. Did the media expose the true feelings of Obama, or merely stumble on a hellfire and damnation black preacher?

Trinity is affiliated with the United Church of Christ. I recall in the late 1970’s I worked with a lady who attended the United Church of Christ. She was a rather conservative person who sought some religious grounding outside the Catholic Church after marrying a non-Catholic. (That was a rather common scenario for a couple of generations.)

We were talking about some of the civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson and Andrew Young and their close ties to the UCC. She quickly spoke up, “Don’t tell Jack (her husband). He likes our church and would go nuts if he knew.”

So, I’m guessing the United Church of Christ is theologically rather open. There appears to be room for just about everyone. But not much to hold on to except what comes out of your pastor’s mouth.

Back to Obama, just like the Romney situation, one would be hard-pressed to find credible evidence that his religious background has influenced his voting record. I for one am more worried about Obama on social program spending, taxation and foreign affairs.

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