Sunday, March 9, 2008

Calderon - Part 2

Continuing where he left off, here is more of the speech Felipe Calderon gave at the Lawndale High School. For a treat about this ULTRA liberal school, check out their link here:

Now, here's the president of Mexico...
Additionally, I come here with great emotion because I know that this school is a symbol of courage, of strength, of character, of gallantry; that this school came about through a valiant movement of men and women on a 19-day hunger strike who demanded and obtained the necessary funds that began to make this school possible.

Just a moment ago I had the privilege of meeting those who made it possible for this school to become a reality. I embrace you with much affection.

Now that we have this opportunity to meet together, I want to tell you about the actions my government is doing now, and want to begin so we can be with you.

First, we have been working with, talking with, and meeting with diverse players in the Mexican political panorama and in the United States, in short, with anyone who can influence the debate on the theme of migration. And we have firmly expressed the position of the Mexican Government that I can sum up with these five points.

First, we want everyone to recognize the extraordinary economic, social, and cultural contributions of the Mexican migrants in the United States.

Second, we want this recognition to be reflected in greater certainty, in greater stability, in greater tranquility…so that all of our countrymen can do what they came here to do: Work in peace, be productive, move their families forward, and whether recognized or not, move this nation forward.
A little while ago when we drove through traffic down this grand avenue, (I don’t know the name of it) which is the reason we were late and we ask your forgiveness, I was pleasantly surprised to see our people along the way, driving the trucks and the trailers, were many, many Mexicans who honked their horns and shook hands, who called out (I didn’t hear them) but I could clearly see they were yelling in one voice something we all understand and carry deep in our hearts no matter where we are…the voice of “Viva Mexico!” And you could hear it strongly despite the distance.

Third, it is of course important to the Mexican government the theme of having a secure border. When they think we are arguing this point, they are also mistaken. Yes, yes, of course I want a secure border. Of course I want a secure border for our people, for our children, and for the Americans also, or whatever person who lives on either side of the border.

The government of Mexico is committed to and works toward having a secure border with the United States. But make no mistake, it is not the people, it is organized crime and not the Mexican migrants who create the national security problem for the United States.

I think that both nations need to recognize this reality: The world is globalizing. The economies are being built on a worldwide scale and the nations that are prospering, the regions that are prospering, like Asia, like Europe, are nations that recognize this reality and are able to integrate themselves into economies of a much larger scale, and in much larger territories.

What Americans and Mexicans should do is recognize that if we want prosperity, if we want progress, we should do so together.

It will not come through closing our border. We will not prosper through canceling our agreements. We will prosper together incorporating and integrating or there will not be prosperity for either Mexico or the United States.

We want to build bridges because we know that bridges unite people more than walls. I also know, I understand the worry of many American citizens, but I can share with you, friends, something I told President Bush during his visit to Mexico last year.

I assure you President, I told him, that he can do more to reduce migration with one kilometer of highway in Zacatecas or Michoacan, than with twenty kilometers of defenses in Texas or Arizona. That above all, what we need to do between us is generate employment conditions, dignified working conditions. Our people need good paying jobs.

I want to tell you, friends, that we are working hard at it, that we know that we have little time because Mexico has waited for a long time and it can’t wait any longer. That is why we are working hard to create the conditions of certainty, conditions of stability and security within Mexico. Conditions that will make our economy grow. We are working on many fronts.

We are working on enforcing the law, the security, and the state of Mexican rights. We are working at creating an economy that is competitive and creates jobs. We are working for equal opportunities for our people.

We are working to protect the environment because we want a Mexico that will stand forever and sustain our children.

-----end of part two----

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