Sunday, January 24, 2010

Whole Again

Finally, the healing begins in the Obama administration.

We’ve all known that Valerie Jarrett is the other half of Obama’s brain.

Now we learn that the brains of the Obama campaign have returned to the White House in the form of David Plouffe.

David + Valerie = One President.

The bad news is that David runs campaigns. And as I’ve pointed out before, Obama’s great at campaigning but lousy when it comes to governing.

But, perhaps Plouffe can fix the logo.
As for Valerie, she is pushing the same slop Axelrod has been selling (without many buyers). According to Jarrett, America’s standing in the world has been repaired by Obama.

Really? According to who? Did anyone in the White House think about that statement before they sent her out on the Sunday news circuit?

Here are a few blemishes on our strong image.
North Korea, Iran, Israel, Czech Republic, Poland, Somalia, Yemen, Tibet, India, Great Britain, Afghanistan…

AXELROD on April 19, 2009: "Well, for one thing, to stop this sort of rampant and tasteless anti-Americanism that we've seen over the last eight years, and try and work cooperatively with us. And the hope is, is that that's what will come from this.

"But understand what's happening, Harry, and not just with Venezuela but with countries around the world. I think this president has engaged the people of the world, the constituencies of these leaders, and the leaders are now responding. Easy anti-Americanism is no longer a great political tactic in their countries, and I think that's one of the early accomplishments of this presidency."

JARRETT on January 24, 2010: “I think what we've seen is a dramatic difference in terms of how the United States is perceived around the world.”

Is it just me, or do you think hearing such talk all day long at the White House is a bad thing for Obama? It does explain a few things about how his agenda is going these days. The man is surrounded by toadies and as a result is clueless when it comes to America.

But now Plouffe and Jarrett can join forces and add a full wit to the administration.