Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Truth from the lips of a politician

This is Martha Coakley, AG of Massachusetts, and democrat candidate for the special election next week to replace Teddy Kennedy:
Her statement was, "We're done here." And every indication is that she is indeed "done" when it comes to the election next week.
First she says that there aren't any terrorists left in Afghanistan. Then she has a democrat handler knock a reporter to the ground for asking about the remark.
The reporter got back on his feet and chased her down the street to ask about health care subsidizing her fundraiser, and instead of answering the question, she replies, "We're done here."
Below is a request I received from my pal Dick Durbin. (I participated in one of his surveys on-line and now I am a supporter despite my efforts to get my name removed.)
Durbin is sending out an all-call for money for Coakley's campaign.
Now, Dick hasn't said boo about candidates for the Burris seat in Illinois, but he's all hopped up about one in Massachusetts.

And other high profile dems are doing the same.

Do you think they're worried that "We're done here."?