Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Finding a suitable victim

As a prelude to Amnesty 2010 the left needs to find a victim, a poster child.

Logic exposes the likes of Elvira Arellano as an ID thief. The fact that she was caught twice using a fake Social Security number and ordered deported after hearings and appeals makes it hard for most folks to have much sympathy for her.

Besides, she’s made a comfortable life for herself and Saulito back in Mexico. Last we heard Elvira was running for Mexico’s Congress as a PRD candidate, ultra-liberal party of course!

And Flor Crisostomo (who replaced Elvira as martyr-in-residence of the Chicago church) isn’t much of a poster child. First, no one paid much attention to here. And second, she abandoned her children a decade ago when she came to the United States. Not much “family unification” mileage there.

So, who is the lucky face of Amnesty 2010? A little boy with curly brown hair and dark eyes; old enough to memorize a couple of sentences and deliver them in clear English, thanks to the bilingual education we provided him at no charge.

So the latest push for immigration reform comes from Chicago ministers who have chosen to hoist up a little boy about ten years old and get him to repeat for the camera, “This isn’t America.” Below this scene is a graphic explaining that his father has been deported.

Well, son, go ask your father.

Ask him why he thought the immigration laws of the United States didn’t apply to him?

Ask him why he would even think of bringing you into the world, knowing his precarious status?

Ask him how he got a job? Did he buy a fake Social Security card or was he always paid in cash?

And we should ask ourselves some questions as well.

Why did the Supreme Court erroneously rule that children of illegal aliens are U. S. citizens? And why hasn’t that gross misinterpretation been corrected? What sense does it make to tear families apart based on precedence?

And why does the Supreme Court continue to encourage illegal aliens by ruling that it isn’t aggravated identity theft unless you personally know the person whose identity you stole?