Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marsha's...er Martha's endorsements

Today's election day in Massachusetts. As the dems are wont to call it, "To fill Ted Kennedy's seat in the Senate." And they continue to call it that even after being told that it sounds rather un-American. But they cling to the dynasty.

So, who from the Kennedy family steps forward to give the blessing to Martha Coakley?

Well, there's Patrick Kennedy. He's a fair representative of the Kennedy values, carrying on Teddy's moral standard when it comes to addictions. He's not exactly like Ted; he prefers cocaine and Oxycontin.

Patrick's most recent rehab tune-up was just last year. (I think that is #3 for him. Smooth move, voters of Rhode Island.)

He's had his troubles with women as well, but at least he hasn't ever had a wife to use as a doormat.

The Catholic Church will not allow Patrick to take communion. He says it is because of his pro-abortion stand.

Then there's Vicki herself; Teddy's second wife. I guess I'd question her judgment about candidates, knowing she married Teddy with a full understanding of his infidelity and alcoholism. She may have been 22 years younger, be she wasn't a kid at the time.

Nice endorsements.

Then there's that great patriot, John Kerry. He likes Martha as well.

Then again, what do voters know (or care) about the political figures of our day? What difference does this make to an ACORN fanatic? Or an SEIU stooge who is paid to campaign for Martha?

And what difference does it make to the 118,000 Boston voters who reside in cemeteries?